Periscope vs. Meerkat — what’s the difference?

If there is any revolution going on, let’s not forget who started it. It was Meerkat. The first app that was able to make live video feeds on Twitter easy and usefull for everyone. Now Periscope, a similar app, launched only a few days ago. Both apps let you do exactly the same thing. Main differences from the user point of view?

  1. Periscope broadcasts can be watched for up to 24 hours after they end, where on Meerkat you will find a dead stream with no way of replaying it.
  2. Periscope users can also “like” videos by clicking on virtual hearts, similar to Instagram.
  3. Recently Twitter, that bought Periscope for 100$ million, blocked all outgoing tweets posted via Meerkat.

For now it looks clear that Twitter, thatks to a well-established network of content creators and consumers, will be able to make Periscope the winner in this round of the race. So the actual difference between Periscope and Meercat could be, that Periscope just got lucky beeing picked by the markets leader to be invested in.