List of businesses that don’t need social media marketing.

Here it is, the list so many of you have been waiting for. It took quite long to research and complete but today I’m ready to share the results with you guys.

So here it is, THE LIST:

What did you expect?!

There is no such list.

Your clients are now fans. And your fans may become clients if you treat them like diamonds.

How does it work?

Just remember that people use social media becouse it makes their lives more interesting and fun. You have to be there, with them, if you want to be a part of their world. How?

Great marketing is about buliding a conversation with your clients. Ads are not a “conversation” kind of tool. You can only become part of the world of your fans if you follow them. Not the other way round. They are your fans but you have to follow them. Becouse they move. From topic to topic. From network to network. OMG, why? Becouse they are human. It’s humans you would like to get as clients, right?

What now? Go and get them humans!